MintJam Music is a Pro Quality audio catalog designed and curated specifically for you. Every track on MintJam Music has been carefully selected, catalogued, and copyright cleared to ensure you have access to top-of-the-line music for YouTube, self-produced video, and non-commercial film. The production music in our catalog would usually be reserved for the big production libraries, but at MintJam Music we specialize in the moments of your life. Whether you are a student film-maker, a videographer pitching for work, or a vlogger who never wants to see a takedown request; we have you covered!

How it works:

All you need to do is browse our royalty free stock music catalog, select the music that is perfect for your video, and choose between two simple music licensing options. Then it’s straight to the checkout and before you know it you’ll be downloading the soundtrack to your new production.

We guarantee every track is cleared 100% royalty free, so you can stop worrying about licensing and focus on being creative! At the click of a button choose between a Personal music license for videos, vlogs, and Youtube with no monetization, or an Enhanced music license if you’re planning on adding ads to your YouTube channel, promoting a product, or selling your video.

Other stock music libraries are shop fronts for often talented, but technically limited, self-produced musicians. Searching through their music databases for the perfect track can be time-consuming, frustrating and uninspiring.

At MintJam Music, our expert music directors have selected only the very best tracks from a highly sought after inner circle of top Production Music composers giving you access to library music usually reserved for broadcast productions.

Our intuitive music library is organized by theme, making it easier than ever to find the best stock music to suit your production. Whether its white-knuckle thrill rides shot on action camera, mind-warpingly luscious landscapes captured by drone, or elegant time-lapse videos for school or college, MintJam Music has you covered!