How do I get the most out of

For the optimal experience when visiting we highly recommend using Chrome as your browser.

What should I do with the license you e-mail me?

We recommend that you keep the license we send you in your records in case there is ever any question about your right to use the tracks purchased for your video.

What file format do you offer?

All our tracks are available as 320kbps MP3. We do not offer other file formats at this time.

Who owns the music on MintJam Music?

We do. MintJam Music only offers audio tracks that are 100% copyright cleared by all rights holders. These are then licensed to you, under specific licensing, terms for use in your productions. For more information on our Terms of Use please visit our Licensing page.

I’d like to give credit in my video.

That’s awesome! As MintJam Music is the rights holder for all music offered from our library, all you need to do is mention MintJam Music and the title of the track. If you’d like a high resolution Mint Jam Music logo for your video our Customer Service team will be happy to help you out.

What if I can’t find what I’m looking for in a particular category?

We have created Categories to help people find tracks that suit the style of their videos. However, many tracks in other categories may work as well or better. If you can’t find a track that matches up with the style of your video in one category, try another. Our categories are rough guidelines at best, and should in no way limit your creative vision.

Can I get a refund?

No. By purchasing a track from MintJam Music you confirmed your acceptance of the terms & conditions of a legal agreement that provides you with a License to make use of a music track. Your purchase is therefore non-refundable.


I didn’t get my email

As your download code and invoice is sent via automated email some mail providers will incorrectly redirect the message to your Spam or Junk Mail folder.

I can’t download the tracks

That’s frustrating. Please contact our Technical Support Team for download issues.

How do I search your library?

All MintJam Music tracks are categorized by playlist theme so you can quickly find the music you need. Simply select a category from the ‘Music For…’ menu and then select the playlist you’d like to view.


What is a music license?

A music license allows you to use an artist’s music within your film or video. Regardless of whether a film or video is intended for personal, business or non-profit, or for any other kind of use, anytime you use someone else’s music within a film or video you must have a license. A license gives you legal and official permission to use an artist’s music for your project.

What am I licensing?

You are purchasing a license to make use of a music track in one video. This track can be edited in length in any way you choose, but cannot be fundamentally altered. The type of license you purchase depends on the size of any company you represent and your intended use of the music track.

Can I sample, sing over, remix, or cover MintJam Music tracks in my own music?

Unless you mean singing in the shower then the answer is nope, sorry! Your license does not allow you to use all or part of a MintJam Music track as part of or in supplement to a production that could be considered a ‘song’, ‘remix’, or ‘mash up’. Your license allows you to use all or part of a MintJam Music audio track as background music to visual media only.

What license do I need?

Please see our Licensing page for full details on licensing requirements.

What does ‘licensee’ mean?

The ‘Licensee’ is you. This means you have been granted a license to use a particular track or tracks of music.

If I license a track for one project, can I use it in a separate project later?

No. Every time you’re using a track in a new work you have to license it again. Your license is only good for the original work you synched it to.

Does my license ever ‘expire’?

No, after you ‘sync’ a music track into your video, as long as you don’t make changes, it is licensed for the life of the copyright.

I want to use one of your tracks on TV/Radio

Our standard licenses do not cover broadcast rights. If you would like to use one of our tracks in a broadcast please contact our Licensing Team prior to purchase.

My company is bigger than ten employees/has annual revenue greater than $500k, can I still use MintJam Music?

Oh fancy! Our Licensing Team will be very happy to help you with custom and bespoke licensing enquiries.

Do you offer bulk/blanket license or yearly subscription options?

Neither our Personal nor Enhanced licenses allow for this. For other licensing considerations please contact our Licensing Team.

I received a copyright strike/Content ID claim/takedown request on a Youtube video featuring a MintJam Music audio track.

This is rare, and we are always very sorry to hear about it when it does occur. All music available on MintJam Music is guaranteed 100% copyright cleared. Unfortunately, this doesn’t prevent mistaken copyright claims being made. The best resolution to this problem is to issue a Counter Notification using the license you received from MintJam Music as evidence of your rightful use of the track.

I received a request for payment due to a copyright violation/claim. Is this legitimate?

MintJam Music will never ask you to send us money for copyright violation. We highly recommend you never make compensation payments for copyright claims without seeking appropriate legal counsel first.

Hints & Tips:

We highly recommend referencing MintJam Music as the source of your audio track in your video descriptions.

Remember: Your MintJam Music license does not allow you to upload to the YouTube Content ID recognition program. This will result in incorrect copyright claims being made and is a breach of your license with MintJam Music.

Still have questions? Contact our Licensing Team.


I’m a musician, can I send you my music?

We do not accept submissions, sorry. All of the music at MintJam Music is sourced from a highly sought after inner circle of top composers by our expert music supervisors. This allows MintJam Music to be the highest quality and most carefully curated ‘Royalty Free’ library available. That’s kind of our jam…

I used your music! If I send you my video will you share it?

Yes, yes, yes! We’d love to see what creative and artistic productions you’re making with our music. We’d also love it if you shared them with us on Facebook or Twitter. If you’d like your video featured on our YouTube channel, contact our Creative Team. We want the world to see all of the awesomeness that you’ve created!


Will you share or sell my email address or personal details?

No, never. MintJam Music diligently protects the information of all our customers as a matter of pride. We will never share, sell, or give away your email address or personal details.

Is your site secure?

Yes! We take security very seriously. We entrust all payments to PayPal, the world’s biggest online payment system, so your payment and your personal details are fully protected. MintJam Music do not retain records of your card details on our servers.